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Small groups, big adventures with Wanderlust. Discover real life experiences, Just the right balance.


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If your travel wish list goes something like this: see the Taj Mahal in the dancing lights at dawn, behold the Great Wildebeest Migration on the Serengeti in Africa, stand in awe of Europe’s great art and architecture, interact with Thailand’s hill tribes, take in the majesty of Angor Wat in Cambodia, go bird watching in exotic Costa Rica, conquer Kilimanjaro, or unravel the mysteries of the Lost City of Incas in Machu Picchu – then choosing MyEscapades.com is your first step to fulfilling that wish list.

MyEscapades.com is the Tour Operator brand within The Huntington Group, celebrating 41 years in business (1973 -2014). From adventure to romance, from sun and relaxation to culture or history, our team of professionals design and execute journeys to satisfy the most discerning traveler. ….